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Introducing the ultimate litigators tool, TrialDirectortm.
Presentation performance like no other!

Presentation Features & Highlights of TrialDirector include:
  • CD Video deposition playback with transcript synchronization.
  • Multiple format display capabilities. (Photos, Video, Images).
  • Video review and edit capabilities.
  • Full screen high resolution MPEG 1 video playback. (30 frames per second).
  • Common on-screen VCR video controls (play, pause, rewind, ff, vol.)
  • Color document viewing within common databases (i.e. Summation)
  • Multiple annotation tools, circles, lines, arrows and colors.
  • Scanning capabilities for last minute pages and photos.
  • Barcode access of documents.
  • Full functionality on multimedia Pentium laptop computers (P233 and up).
  • Advanced database navigator with user friendly display.
  • Ability to switch from discovery to presentation mode in seconds.
  • Customizable folders for user specified exhibits.
  • DDE, OLE and clipboard linking to almost any litigation support database and presentation within the TrialDirector application.
  • Save feature for any on-screen mark-ups before and during trial.
  • 30 days of free technical support from date of product registration.

Witness impressive results as you present your discovery findings with TrialDirector. Designed to improve jury comprehension and focus, TrialDirector offers presentation capabilities unheard of in the past. Powerful multiple display capabilities let you present high resolution video, scanned images, photos and even PowerPoint presentations on your screen. During pretrial preparation, opening statements, and closing arguments, TrialDirector allows you to save any on-screen mark- ups for instant access in court. See it for yourself, call for a free demonstration copy of TrialDirector today.

Some of the digitally pre-configured courtrooms around the U.S. include:

  • Courtroom 2000 - New York Supreme Court.
  • Cincinnati Federal District Court.
  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania-Federal Court.
  • Western District of Texas, San Antonio.
  • Court of Common Pleas, County of Allegheny, Pennsylvania.
  • U.S. District Court - Arizona.
  • Federal Courthouse - Minneapolis.

Select only what the jury should see. Color photos, image exhibits, animations, video with scrolling transcripts, charts and graphs can all be accessed from a black screen.