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SERVICES: DepositionDirector
Introducing the ultimate litigators tool, DepositionDirector tm !

Video and Transcript Synchronization.
Instant access to any part of any transcript or video.
Any search engine can be used to locate desired text using windows clipboard or link to LiveNote or Summation for more sophisticated searches.
Displays annotated exhibits.
Deposition transcripts and video are synchronized and displayed on your PC or your laptop.
Create your own edit list and play only the necessary portions of the video.
No fast forwarding.
No rewinding.
No tapes to carry.
No tape operator.
No editing costs.
All digitizing work done in-house.
Call Ken Ortolano today at 212-279-5108 for a free demo!

Features of DepositionDirector include:
  • Powerful Transcript searching capabilities with internal search engine or popular third party software like LiveNote or Summation.
  • CD Video playback w/transcript synchronization.
  • Program wizards that help assist in video clip creation and editing.
  • Common VCR video controls (play, pause, rewind, ff, volume).
  • Full screen high resolution MPEG-1 video playback.
  • Case browser for instant video deposition outline management.
  • Scrolling highlight bar for active transcript viewing.
  • Full screen video playback.
  • Full functionality on Pentium laptop computers (P166 and up).
  • Insert exhibit feature for any related set of scanned documents and photos.
  • Fine tune editing of synchronized digital video segments.
  • Transcript only mode when video is unavailable.
  • Print and export deposition text features.
  • Printable detail and summary report option.
  • Closed Captioning playback features.
  • Powerful exhibit manager link for displaying photos and imaged exhibits.
  • Supports MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 video.
  • Seamlessly integrates into TrialDirector trial presentation software.
  • Popular Windows 95 pop-up menus for easy program navigation.

Search, play and create video clips in seconds during your deposition discovery, DocumentDirector was designed to vastly improve existing time consuming video searching solutions by accessing MPEG video off a CD-ROM. Once clips are made, you may import them into other litigation support products such as DocumentDirector image viewer or TrialDirector trial presentation software. You be the judge, just call us today for a demonstration or we can send you a free demonstration copy of DepositionDirector, DocumentDirector, and TrialDirector.

View deposition video with the corresponding text file. DepositionDirector's adjustable highlight bar keeps the current deposition text in the highlighted field. VCR controls offer play, pause, rewind & fast forward.